September 21, 2016

Hints&Tips: How to make a Holiday photo memorable with your best friend?

Hints&Tips: How to make a Holiday photo memorable with your best friend?

They’re adorable, their love is genuine and they are a vital part of your family, yes we’re talking about your best pet pals without whom your life would be incomplete! Have you ever wanted to take that perfect shot with your adorable best friend but can never get around taking the great picture?

Well, you’re not alone; so many pet owners struggle with the issue, and while the love is there the photo just doesn’t comply. Luckily, this Christmas ‘My Best Friend Boutique’ is going to help you capture those memorable moments and beautiful smiles on film.

There are many ways you can instill the picture with love and have it impeccably done so it can be hung on your wall for ages to come, filling your heart every time you see the picture. Following are some suggestions you can follow

1. Costumes to unleash the cuteness: Imagine your furry Shih Tzu wearing our collection of rainbow head warmers and matching the scarf. You can color coordinate your own apparel and it would make a perfect holiday picture ever! We have an assortment of costumes and hats in our Christmas fashion collection that can be tailored just for your pet. We take great pride in our services and want to produce accessories that would make your best friend look and feel his/her very best. Your furry baby wearing a Santa paw hat from our collection is going to make all your friends melt with cuteness overload.

2. Prepare amazing backgrounds: One important aspect of a good picture is a good background. Get into the holiday spirit and take a picture with your fireplace cracking behind you and the Christmas tree shining right beside it. This will really help bring out the overall festive mode in your picture and make it a memorable one for the entire family.

3.  Catch the look! One of the hardest tasks of taking the right picture with your best friend is making them look straight in the camera. Help them focus on placing some of their favorite toys or a treat on the top of the camera using our new Pet Focus "Pooch Selfie". The pet will then focus directly on the camera and help you take a superb click.

4. Blur the background: By blurring the background you ensure the focus is on you and your furry friend. You can use an app to do it such as Snapseed in iPhone or you can visit the Google play store and search for an app that fits your needs. You need to make sure that the limelight is just on you, your best friend and the right moment.

5. Filters, filters, filters: These make pictures so much better, no one likes to flash photography! You can use a Christmas filter or a frame available in Instagram or view other apps present on play store which can offer a great variety of designs.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out our latest collection at and choose the cutest outfit for your friend. Use the above-mentioned tricks and get clicking, a great Christmas photo awaits you!