October 03, 2016

11 Cutest gift ideas for your beloved dog

11 Cutest gift ideas for your beloved dog

11 Cutest gift ideas for your beloved dog

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If you are here it means you are a dog owner and we know what that means… You love your best friend so much that you want to offer him all the care he needs! We are happy to hear that because we will offer you some adorable gift ideas that will definitely make your dog jump up and down for joy. We will present you some different accessories and clothing items that will look great on your sweet, adorable best friend!

1. A great and fun accessory for your dog is this “Born to be wild” leather dog sunshade and baseball cap. This is one of those versatile items because it is useful and funny at the same time. Your dog can wear it on a very hot and sunny day while you are doing your daily activities or it can be the perfect accessory for an awesome photo shoot!

2. If your dog is still a puppy, it means you have to be very careful with his diet and offer him the best care in the world. For this we suggest you the “Buddy’s favorite rich nutrition professional tooth chewing bones” which gives them the appropriate vitamin contribution for a healthy growth. Make them happy by offering them a proper care and reason not to chew your favorite things anymore! :D

3. When outside is cold and you still want to go out and play with your favorite friend, you need to think about his needs too. That’s why it would be a great idea if you would offer him this adorable “Autumn and winter lovely handmade multi-color knitted sweater”, ideal for the cold seasons. It will keep your dog warm, he will feel comfortable wearing it and it will definitely catch all the attention. Your dog is sweet, but this sweater will make him even more sweeter!

4. Your dog is for sure your best friend in the world and what you do for your best friend?! You throw him a birthday party that’s right!!! For the best birthday party ever, together with his friends and you, these Little fairy birthday hats are just the cutest! You can offer one of these hats to each guest and they will be the delight of the day!

5. Your dog’s meals are probably the most important parts of the day for him, but what you do when you are at work and your dog needs to be fed?! The solution is simple and is here, the “Food fountain”, an ingenious and extremely useful automatic pet feeder that will take care of your dog’s meals even when you are not at home! Make your dog happy and offer him all the care he deserves!

6. The Halloween party is so close and you and your dog need to look funny and original! We don’t know about you, but for him we just found the funniest and costume out there! This is the creepy crawly spider paws costume, an absolutely adorable, yet funny and “creepy” costume for your dog. Your dog will look like a giant spider and you can stay positive that he will make the delight of all your neighbors and friends!

7. For your sweet favorite princess you can choose one of these Jocelyn Lucio exclusive design items that will definitely please your sweet girl. For example, you can choose this adorable and cute flower dress that will make your little princess stand out of the crowd. The happy and colorful design of this little dress will soon become her favorite!

8. Let’s not forget about the simple and original items a dog should always have, its collars and leash. Safety comes first, that’s why you have to purchase this Engraved buckle personalized dog collar, which is a real help for the dog owners. It case your dog gets lost, his collar has your phone number so anybody who finds him can call you and you can get your best friend back (let’s hope that won’t happen, but just in case). Don’t forget, safety comes first!

9. Another great gift for your dog would be this round and fun item, that will quickly become his favorite… a natural rubber elastic ball, bite resistant and safe ball. You probably know how much dog loves to play and this rubber ball is the ideal item when you want to play together in the park or when he wants to play in the yard. It will help him exercise and have a great time as well!

10. A pair of sunglasses is great for those sunny days, but now I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about your dog! He needs a pair of sunglasses too, but for him we have some cute and adorable pairs that will make him the most stylish dog in the neighborhood! These “cute overload” sunglasses have different funny designs, like flowers, hearts and vintage models that will be a perfect fit for your adorable superstar!

11. Let’s not forget about the superstar product that your dog absolutely loves…. The Frisbee! There’s nothing like a soft rubber Frisbee and the pleasure of playing together. So, don’t waste any more time and offer your dog the best gift out there, he will be so happy that now you can play together all the time!